Double Decker will run via Sitapur

Sitapur to get new train for Delhi

Sitapur district of Uttar Pradesh will soon get his new train to Anand Vihar. Sitapur after so long time getting new train for their people. The old Anand Vihar to Lucknow train via Hardoi district now going to route via Sitapur.

Sitapur city which is 80KM from Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh was having small gauge line to Lucknow.

Satyagragh is the oldest train from Sitapur to Old Delhi

People of Sitapur have very few options to go to Delhi. Popular train via Sitapur is Satyagragh which is running from Darbhanga, Bihar to Old Delhi via Sitapur. People of Sitapur using bus service also or they took train from Lucknow.

After the electrification work completed from Sitapur to Lucknow its more like people of Sitapur will get more better trains like Double Decker. Also Double Decker is loosing passengers day by day so this is also a chance that Double Decker train will get passengers. It is highly possible that people will use this train to travel to Lucknow. Double Decker will take approx 2 hours to reach Lucknow via Sidhauli.