Ambarnath - ABH

Below are the trains arriving at Ambarnath ABH station within 4 hours with all the details of Arrival, Departure Timings etc from station.

Trains Arriving at Ambarnath ABH station in next 4 Hours

S_NoTrain No.Train NameSchedule ArrivalSchedule DepartureActual ArrivalActual DepartureDelay ArrivalDelay Departure
395204BL1008:1808:1908:1808:19RIGHT TIMERIGHT TIME
495203BL308:1908:2008:1908:20RIGHT TIMERIGHT TIME
595310A20Source08:27Source08:27RIGHT TIMERIGHT TIME
795001KP308:4008:4108:4008:41RIGHT TIMERIGHT TIME
895312A22Source08:44Source08:44RIGHT TIMERIGHT TIME
995214DBL208:5308:5408:5308:54RIGHT TIMERIGHT TIME
1096210BL1209:0109:0209:0109:02RIGHT TIMERIGHT TIME
1195114S2009:0609:0709:0609:07RIGHT TIMERIGHT TIME
1295205BL509:0909:1009:0909:10RIGHT TIMERIGHT TIME
1395105S1109:2709:2809:2709:28RIGHT TIMERIGHT TIME
1495206BL1409:3709:3809:3709:38RIGHT TIMERIGHT TIME
1595006KP609:4509:4609:4509:46RIGHT TIMERIGHT TIME
1695314A24Source09:50Source09:50RIGHT TIMERIGHT TIME
1795207BL710:0410:0510:0410:05RIGHT TIMERIGHT TIME
1895107S1310:1010:1110:1010:11RIGHT TIMERIGHT TIME
1995316A26Source10:13Source10:13RIGHT TIMERIGHT TIME
2096309A908:33Destination08:33DestinationRIGHT TIMERIGHT TIME
2195301DA109:39Destination09:39DestinationRIGHT TIMERIGHT TIME
2295303A1110:02Destination10:02DestinationRIGHT TIMERIGHT TIME

Double Decker will run via Sitapur

Sitapur to get new train for Delhi Sitapur district of Uttar Pradesh will soon get his new train to Anand Vihar. Sitapur after so long time getting new train for their people. The old Anand Vihar to Lucknow train via Hardoi district now going to route via Sitapur. Sitapur city which is 80KM from Lucknow,

Three on Indian Railways multiple-unit factory shortlist

INDIA: Three consortia have been shortlisted by Indian Railways for a public-private partnership contract to build a factory to supply around 5 000 electric multiple-unit cars over 12 years and to maintain them for 13 years. According to local reports, the shortlisted bidders are: CRRC with Alstom; Siemens with Bombardier; Stadler Bussnang with Medha Servo

GE reveals Indian Railways Evolution locomotive livery

INDIA: The livery of the Evolution Series diesel locomotives which GE Transportation is building for Indian Railways was unveiled on August 3 when the first painted locomotive was rolled out of the Erie plant?s paint shop. The ES43ACmi required 190 litres of paint, with the red chosen to represent energy and yellow to represent freshness.

Bharat Wagon & Engineering Co to close

INDIA: The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved the Ministry of Railways? proposal to close the loss-making Bharat Wagon & Engineering Co Ltd, which has manufacturing facilities at Mokama and Muzaffarpur in Bihar. The government is to provide a one-off grant of Rs1·5bn towards a severance package for the employees and to clear BWEL?s